While enjoying the Skyline, the Smoky Heir just wanted some TLC

Today’s look is a dark blue smoky eye. I usually like neutral looks or big and bright looks, and I don’t usually go for such a dark look. I’m happy with the way it turned out, especially paired with a liquid eyeliner in a dark plum color. I also used a different mascara than I usually do. I have nice lashes and like to make them long and voluminous. I tried out BE Big Tease mascara today and was impressed with the definition it gave my lashes, although I wish I could have gotten some more volume and length out of the mascara.

  • TLC – BE describes as “A brilliant blueberry shade.” I think of blueberry as a brighter blue, and this was definitely darker.
  • Skyline – Dark grey purple matte
  • Nude Beach – Light warm sand glimmer
  • MAC Superslick Liquid Liner  – Smoky Heir

To get this look, I patted on, and then buffed, TLC from lashes into crease. Skyline was used to define the crease. Nude Beach was the perfect accent and highlighting color and it went on the browbone and inner V. It also helped to blend out some of the harsh lines of the darker shades. I finished up by using the liquid liner along the top lash and dry lined the bottom lash with Skyline. I completed the look with Big Tease mascara.

On the eyes:

  • BE Prime Time for eyes
  • TLC buffed from lashes to brow
  • Skyline in crease and outer 1/3 of lid, also under lower lashline
  • Nude Beach highlighting brow and inner V
  • MAC Smoky Heir liquid liner on upper lashline
  • BE Big Tease Mascara in Black

On the face:

  • BE Prime Time for face
  • Original foundation in Fairly Medium
  • Pure Radiance on cheeks
  • Original mineral veil
  • BE Pretty Amazing lipcolor in Courage, with BE 100% Natural Lipgloss in Sugar Cookie layered over it

What colors would you like to see incorporated into a look?

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About Essy
I'm finally figuring out this makeup thing in my 30's. It's so much fun to collect and play with new colors and styles. I'm not a makeup artist, and far from it. I welcome any comments and tips you have!

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