New lovelies from Sephora!

There’s a lot of buzz over lots of newness going on at Sephora and today. I went to Sephora yesterday and picked up one of the new Pretty Amazing lipcolors in Strength, and also the new Buxom Hot Ticket kit. They are both really good buys!

Go here to find the new Pretty Amazing lipcolors:,default,pd.html

I am in LOVE with this Strength color. I have never in my life used a color so bold, but I’ve been searching and searching for just the right red…and I found it. I put it on yesterday at about 4:00pm. It was lustrous and shiny for a couple of hours. By 9pm, it was more of a matte, but the color was still strong and there was very little flaking. I even ate a meal with this color on – with no touchups! I still had some color left by 11pm when I washed my face. This is a dramatic, look-at-me red. Don’t be afraid of it, though. I highly recommend it for someone looking for a rich red shade.

BE Pretty Amazing Stregth

I’m not seeing that the Buxom Hot Ticket kit is up for sale online yet, but it is available at Sephora stores.

This is the first kit that comes with a Buxom pup, and it’s a new shade called Beagle. It’s a really pretty lilacy pink shimmer, and I can’t wait to try it out with dark lashes, pink cheeks, and a pretty pink gloss. Fortunately, I can get the rest of that look from the kit, too! It also comes with Buxom mascara, black eyeliner, and Buxom gloss in Dani.

Buxom Hot Ticket!

New Buxom pup - Beagle

Tomorrow’s look will use the new Buxom Hot Ticket kit!

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I'm finally figuring out this makeup thing in my 30's. It's so much fun to collect and play with new colors and styles. I'm not a makeup artist, and far from it. I welcome any comments and tips you have!

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