Dani loved her Cheerful Beagle

This was my first time using one of the Buxom Stay There shades. They are all named after dog breeds, and are called the Buxom pups. This shade is Beagle, and it came in the new kit from Buxom called “Hot Ticket.” I couldn’t believe how smoothly the eyecolor went onto my lid! I’m a goner… I can’t wait to adopt more of these pups.

To get the look, I applied BE Prime Time Brightening Primer all over my face, and BE Prime Time Brightening Eye Primer on my lids from lashes to brow. There is a special brush that you can buy for the Buxom pup shades, but I don’t have it. Instead, I used the shadow end of my Quick Color and Crease brush. It worked fine for today but I might try a different brush or possibly get the brush that was designed specifically for these shades.

I applied Beagle from my lashes to crease, and blended it softly to just above the crease. I used Celestine lightly in the crease for just a little definition. The Hot Ticket kit came with a mini Buxom black eyeliner and a full size Buxom mascara. I used both for this look, even though I tend to prefer wetlining to pencils. I used the Heavenly Liner brush to smooth out the eyeliner. Finishing off the look is a lovely doll-pink blush called Cheerful, and on my lips is Dani (which came in the kit) layered over BE Pretty Amazing lipcolor in Charisma.

On the eyes:

  • BE Prime Time Brightening Eye Primer
  • Beagle all over lid and into crease
  • Celestine buffed lightly into crease
  • Buxom black eyeliner
  • Buxom mascara

On the face:

  • BE Prime Time Brightening Primer
  • BE Original foundation in Fairly Medium
  • Cheerful blush
  • Pretty Amazing Charisma
  • Dani Buxom lipgloss

What are your favorite Buxom pups to use? Which brush do you use to apply them?

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About Essy
I'm finally figuring out this makeup thing in my 30's. It's so much fun to collect and play with new colors and styles. I'm not a makeup artist, and far from it. I welcome any comments and tips you have!

5 Responses to Dani loved her Cheerful Beagle

  1. Amber says:

    Wow!!! You look spectacular in this kit. I love how you applied the colors. I can’t wait to get this new Beagle color. I have a quite a few other pups… but this one looks so beautiful!

    Dani looks really pretty too!

  2. Essy says:

    Thanks, Amber! I can’t believe I waited so long to get my first pup. I love this color too. Dani is really pretty but doesn’t have too much pigment to it, so I applied it over PA Charisma.

  3. Alyssa says:

    So pretty! I was debating getting the Hot Ticket kit but now I know I must get it! Great job, love it! Thanks for posting your link on the Bare Escentuals facebook page, too!

  4. Essy says:

    Thanks so much, Alyssa! You definitely should get this kit. It’s a great price and the Beagle shade is SO pretty. You should subscribe to the emails for days that I don’t post to the BE fb page, that way you never miss out! 🙂

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