Sundays and Thursdays are Cheerful when I eat Sugared Strawberries

Sundays and Thursdays are Cheerful when I eat Sugared Strawberries

I’m feeling a little disjointed with today’s post. I’m out of town, tagging along on a business trip with my husband. We didn’t arrive to our destination (hello, sunny Virginia!) until about 1:30am, so I was groggy and in a hurry putting on my makeup this morning. Then I had to take the pictures in a Starbucks bathroom… yeah, I’m classy like that.  When I tried taking them in the regular shop, I got some strange looks! So the lighting was a bit strange for photos.

Anyway, it’s not the most exciting look, but it is a nice daytime go-to look. I used Sunday and Thursday from the Good Morning Gorgeous collection. I haven’t mastered Thursday yet, and I’ve been avoiding using Sunday because in the pot it looks like such a BORING color…. but it’s FAR from boring! It’s a very pretty neutral that will go with a lot of other accent colors.

Sunday, Vanilla Sugar, Thursday

Sunday, Vanilla Sugar, Thursday

On the eyes:

  • BE Prime Time Eyelid Primer
  • Sunday buffed from lashes to above crease
  • Vanilla Sugar on browbone
  • Thursday buffed into crease
  • Sage Big & Bright eyeliner along upper and lower lashes
  • L’oreal Voluminous mascara in Carbon Black

On the face:

  • BE Prime Time Brightening Primer
  • Original foundation in Fairly Medium
  • Pearl Blossom blush
  • Aveda lipglaze in Wineberry
  • BE 100% Natural lipgloss in Sugared Strawberry

Aveda Wineberry lipglaze and Sugared Strawberry 100% Natural lipgloss

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About Essy
I'm finally figuring out this makeup thing in my 30's. It's so much fun to collect and play with new colors and styles. I'm not a makeup artist, and far from it. I welcome any comments and tips you have!

2 Responses to Sundays and Thursdays are Cheerful when I eat Sugared Strawberries

  1. lisakaye says:

    Really nice! What brushes do you use for your eyeshadow app. The colors are blended so beautifully.

  2. Essy says:

    Thanks, that’s so nice! My favorite brush to use for a quick look like today’s is the Quick Color and Crease brush. I also use the Tapered Shadow brush, and for foiling and the Buxom pups, I like to use the Foil and Fuse brush. For lining, it depends what look I am going for, but my favorite brush to use for lining is the angled liner shadow brush.

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