A Mermaid saw her reflection again and again

This is how I feel about this look: meh. I used Mermaid for the first time today. I’ve had it for months but have never even broken the seal  on it until now. I have to play around with it some more.  I made two mistakes with this look: I should have used original eye primer instead of Urban Nature, and I should have incorporated other colors. When I first swatched it, a thought popped into my head… why not try a complete look with only one shadow? So, I tried it. It’s not bad. It’s not great. It’s just meh.

Mermaid, Nude Beach

Pencil brush, Crease Defining, Ecotools shadow, Heavenly Buffing brush, Full-Edged liner

Buxom Roxanne, 100% Natural lipgloss in Fruit Smoothie

On the eyes:

  • Urban Nature primer shadow applied with clean fingertip, from lashes to crease
  • Mermaid swept very lightly from lashes to brow using Ecotools shadow brush, then buffed with Heavenly eye buffing brush
  • Mermaid applied to outer V and under lower lashes using Pencil brush
  • Mermaid buffed into crease using Crease defining brush
  • Mermaid (with a tiny bit of Retro mixed in) wetlined along upper lashes
  • Nude Beach patted onto inner V and up along brow bone
  • 2 coats Benefit bad gal mascara


On the lips:

  • Buxom Roxanne (then blotted most of the way off because it was way too warm for this look)
  • BE 100% Natural lipgloss in Fruit Smoothie

On the face:

  • Original Prime Time
  • Benefit Erase Paste
  • Original foundation in Fairly Medium
  • MAC mineralize blush in Feeling Flush
  • Tinted mineral veil


The Demure lady from Pacific Heights wore Shantung

In person, this look is SO soft and feminine, and I felt happy using these colors after a series of harsher, bolder looks. If I were to change this look at all, it would be to use Plum eyeliner instead of the Stone color that I used, to make it even softer.  I used three coats of Flawless Definition Volumizing mascara, but only because my little mini tube of it that I’m using is starting to dry up. I actually like the effect of it – because just a little product is applied for each coat, it really held the integrity of my lashes without any clumping. I felt like I had soft, luscious lashes today without being overly dark or dramatic (like I’ve been known to do once or twice…).

Demure, Pacific Heights, Shantung

Ecotools brush, Precision Eye brush

BE 100% Natural lipgloss in Fruit Smoothie, Jordana lipliner in Baby Berry

On the eyes:

  • Prime Time Eye Primer in Brightening Opal
  • Demure buffed over entire lid, from lashes to brow, using Ecotools brush, concentrating on lower lid
  • Pacific Heights buffed gently into and above crease and outer lid for definition, using Ecotools brush
  • Shantung applied using Precision Eye brush along outer V and into crease, and under lower lashes, then blended well
  • Stone Big & Bright eyeliner applied to upper lashline and outer 1/3 of lower lashline, then smudged/blended out with smudging sponge
  • More Demure patted over the eyeliner to soften it
  • 3 coats FDVM in black


On the lips:

  • Jordana lipliner in Baby Berry (on sale at Walgreen’s right now!)
  • BE 100% Natural ligloss in Fruit Smoothie

On the face:

  • Original Prime Time
  • Benefit Erase Paste
  • Original foundation in Fairly Medium
  • Pink Petal blush
  • Pure Radiance AOFC on apples of cheeks
  • (pictures taken before mineral veil was applied but added later)

Exotic Sandra showed her Urban Nature when she picked a Water Lily

I know I’m exploring a few other brands right now, but my dears, I will always be posting looks with Bare Escentuals. No worries! I recently won the Urban Nature primer shadow from a contest that Mineral Madness was having. I must say… this product is odd. One minute I think it’s the best thing ever, and then next minute, I think it looks like an ugly bruise. I tried my hardest to get swatch pictures, but a picture just can’t describe this color. It definitely changes from olive green to like a lavender color depending on the light. I think that’s really cool, but it’s pretty much impossible to get a good picture of it. In any case, I wore it on my eyelids today and also swatched it on my hand, and it held up all day long – through some watery eyes and plenty of hand washing.

To bring out both the green and the purple in the primer shadow, I paired it with Water Lily and Exotic Sandra. I was feeling lazy today with my brushes, so I only used one brush for everything, which probably caused a bit of a mess. I applied the Urban Nature with my fingertip, then added a light wash of Queen Phyllis matte over it. I used the same brush for Exotic Sandra in the crease, then I swept on some Water Lily on the lid. Then I went back again with Queen Phyllis matte to add more highlight under the brow. So I didn’t get the cleanest color results on the browbone, but at least I learned a lesson about cleaning my brushes between shadows!

Queen Phyllis matte, Exotic Sandra, Water Lily

B&B Indigo, B&B Oz, Ecotools shadow brush

Buxom Claire

On the eyes:

  • Urban Nature Prime Time primer shadow applied with clean fingertip on lid, from lashes to above crease, more heavily toward the lashes
  • Queen Phyllis matte swept lightly from lashes to brow
  • Exotic Sandra buffed into crease
  • Water Lily swept onto lid
  • Oz Big & Bright liner applied in a thick line along upper lashes
  • Indigo Big & Bright liner applied to lower waterline and smudged under lower lashes
  • Buxom Leatherette lashliner applied in a very thin line just along upper lashline
  • FDVM (2 coats)


On the lips:

  • Buxom Claire (I think this one could have used a lipliner, such as Shell)

On the face:

  • Original Prime Time
  • Benefit Erase Paste
  • Retro liner shadow filling in brows
  • Original foundation in Fairly Medium
  • Pearl Blossom blush
  • Tinted Mineral Veil

My overall thoughts on this look…. eh.

Tarte True Blood palette – Silver and Green

This is my second attempt at using the Tarte True Blood palette. I really, really like this palette. I am so used to using loose shadows from Bare Escentuals that I get nervous when I use pressed shadows. But these are really easy to use, apply nice and smoothly, and have great staying power. The colors are all very wearable. If you like neutrals and dark colors, this palette is for you. Plus, for $52, you get 17 shadows, a primer, a liner, and a mascara. I can also tell you that the mascara is really nice – better than some that I’ve used, and fairly comparable to Flawless Definition Volumizing mascara from BE – it is great for lengthening and defining, but not the best at volume. I have not yet tried all the shades in this kit, nor have I tried the liner (I’ve heard some whispers about the liner being really irritating to the eyes, but as I haven’t used it, I can’t confirm that yet).

The silver color that I used today as a lid color, the true death,  was very pigmented and smooth. I found that I did not need to layer this color to get a nice heavy pigment. The green color that I used, moss, is so pretty in the pot, but actually has a lot of black in it so that when applied, it doesn’t come across as green as it looks in the pot. I’ll have to try this one wet and see how it fairs.

I plan on using this palette a lot in the next few weeks – I had a suggestion from a reader to do at least four looks, using the quadrants in the four corners (for instance, one look would be using the light, dawn, charmer, and werewolf, and other look would be using dusk, waitress, nocturnal, stake. You get the picture. I thought it was a cute way to make my way through the palette, so stay tuned for that mini-series.

Tarte True Blood palette colors

Colors used today: Bayoo, Moss, Legend,The True Death

Pretty Amazing Strengh

On the eyes:

  • Original Prime Time eyelid primer, applied with clean fingertip
  • The True Death patted onto eyelid from lashes to crease, and a little bit under lower lashes, using Quick Shadow and Crease brush
  • Moss buffed into crease using Quick Shadow and Crease brush
  • Bayoo swept above Moss up to eyebrow, using Ecotools shadow brush
  • Legend applied along outer 1/2 of upper and lower lash lines using a pencil brush
  • Buxom Black Jasper liner on lower water line
  • tarte mascara (2 coats)


On the lips:

  • Pretty Amazing Strength (blotted twice for a stained look)

On the face:

  • Retro liner shadow filling in brows
  • Original Prime Time
  • Benefit Erase Paste in Medium
  • Original foundation in Fairly Medium
  • MAC mineralize blush in Feeling Flush
  • Original mineral veil

MAC Double Feature 7 (Fuschia & Charcoal)

So I saw this MAC shadow duo the other day. The bright fuschia color immediately caught my eye. I don’t have anything like it and knew I had to have it. I have a handful of MAC loose pigment shadows and paint pots, but this was my first pressed powder experience from MAC. The colors were beautiful and layered easily – I packed on about three layers of the fuschia color – but didn’t apply as easily as loose powders in my opinion. However, they were much less messy!

My skin is looking a little rough today in real life. I went to bed last night after washing my face, but I forgot to moisturize. Plus, between the heat and my not-so-good water intake, my skin is taking a beating this week. More water, more water, and moisturize! That’ll be my mantra.

BE Soul, MAC Double Feature 7

Precision Eye Defining brush

Pretty Amazing Ambition, Buxom Michelle

On the eyes:

  • BE Prime Time Eye Primer in Brightening Opal
  • Double Feature 7 Fuschia (they don’t have color names for the individual colors, bummer!) applied in layers to pack on color from lashes to crease
  • Double Feature 7 Charcoal applied in outer V, crease, and under lower lashes
  • BE Soul swept under brow and blended down to soften Charcoal lines
  • Buxom liner in Black Jasper along upper lashes, and both water lines
  • 2 coats FDVM in blue-black


On the lips:

  • Pretty Amazing Ambition
  • Buxom Michelle

On the face:

  • BE Prime Time
  • Benefit Erase Paste
  • Original foundation in Fairly Medium
  • MAC Mineralize blush in Feeling Flush
  • Healthy Radiance to contour a bit under cheekbones
  • Original Mineral Veil

Smoky Eye Series: Greens

Today’s smoky eye is featuring greens. I kind of just chose the green shades at random, looking for a dark, medium, and light shade. Interestingly, all this green on my eyes really brings out the brown in my hazel eyes. For tips on how to create a smoky eye, see this post.

This is definitely my least favorite of the smoky eye series. I’m sure that the random colors I chose had something to do with it, so I may attempt another green smoky eye at some point to redeem myself!

On a side note, I rarely wear the BE 100% Natural lipglosses by themselves because I’m just not a huge fan of the slippery texture…. and you know I love my Pretty Amazing lipcolors like there’s no tomorrow! But Lollipop is probably my favorite of the ones that I have.

Clockwise from left: Sublime, Bamboo, Refresh, Ulta Extreme Wear gel liner in Dublin

Contour Shadow, Full Edged Liner, Ecotools Shadow brush

100% Natural lipgloss in Lollipop

On the eyes:

  • Original Prime Time eye primer
  • Ulta Extreme Wear gel liner in Dublin applied in a thick line along upper lashes and smudged under lower lashes using Full Edged liner brush
  • Sublime patted heavily on lid from lashes to crease using Contour Brush
  • Bamboo swept into crease using  Ecotools brush, then blended well
  • Refresh swept onto browbone and inner eye using Ecotools brush, then blended well
  • FDVM in Blue-Black (2 coats)

On the lips:

  • 100% Natural lipgloss in Lollipop

On the face:

  • Prime Time Brightening
  • Original foundation in Fairly Medium
  • Pink Petal blush
  • Original mineral veil

Phoebe saw a Blue Moon on Tuesday

I had a request to use the Bare Escentuals color “Blue Moon.” It’s a lovely sky blue color, but one that I’ve only used as an accent color in past looks. I wanted to feature it in a starring role but once again, I was afraid of looking too Mimi or too 1979. I decided to foil it, and WOW!  It’s a gorgeous color when foiled. It really popped on my eyes, and I think foiling Blue Moon would look incredible on someone with dark blue or grey eyes.

Sometimes I plan out which colors I want to use, and think about the color combinations ahead of time. And sometimes…I just let instinct take over.  Tuesday, the lovely sparkly pink from the Good Morning Gorgeous collection, kind of jumped into my hand and I accepted the challenge! As I was applying it, I was thinking maybe I made a mistake, maybe I looked a little too much like Rainbow Brite (though I was her biggest fan in the 80’s). I kept working with it, adding Saturday as a highlight and Phoebe as a liner. It’s not an everyday look, but I ended up liking it a lot as the day went on.

I think a look like this works especially well for people with hooded lids like me. You just see a tiny hint of that great blue color, but then as soon as I look down or blink, you get the full effect.

Clockwise from left: Blue Moon, Tuesday, Phoebe, Saturday

Pencil brush, Heavenly Liner, Precision Eye, Foil & Fuse

Pretty Amazing Ambition, Buxom Iris

On the eyes:

  • PTEP Brightening Opal
  • Blue Moon foiled over lid from lashes to just below crease, using Foil & Fuse brush
  • Tuesday patted into crease and outer V using Precision Eye brush
  • Saturday swept on inner corner and up along browbone using Precision Eye brush
  • Phoebe dry lined along upper lashes and outer 1/2 of lower lashes using Heavenly Liner brush
  • Phoebe smudged using Pencil brush
  • 2 coats of Buxom mascara


On the lips:

  • Pretty Amazing Ambition
  • Buxom Iris (I love this combination!!)

On the face:

  • Prime Time Brightening
  • Benefit Erase Paste to conceal
  • Original foundation in Fairly medium
  • Miracle blush with a bit of Tuesday over it
  • Healthy Radiance to contour under cheekbones
  • Original mineral veil

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