The Legit French Navy took Liberty with their Charisma

Today I’m going to see the new Harry Potter movie, and even though we’re just going to a matinee show, I wanted to look nice for my afternoon date with my husband. I wore a purple dress with this and I thought it all went nicely together. I usually have a tough time with blues – I either look like Mimi from the Drew Carey show or like I’m stuck in 1979. Since I do like a challenge, I’ve tried to work with blues in the crease with some success. I used a medium glimmery blue for this look (Liberty) and really like how it turned out.

Clockwise from top left: Legit, French Navy, High Shine Charisma, Liberty

Full Edged liner, Ecotools Shadow, Crease Defining, Seamless Blending

Pretty Amazing Charisma, Buxom Rosie

On the eyes:

  • Original Prime Time eye primer
  • Liberty patted onto lid from lashes to crease on outer 3/4, and under outer lashline, using Ecotools shadow brush
  • High Shine Charisma patted onto inner corner, inner lower lashline, and swept up to brow using Ecotools shadow brush
  • Legit buffed lightly into outer corner and crease using Crease Defining brush
  • French Navy wetlined along upper lashes
  • FDVM, 1 coat
  • Buxom mascara, 1 coat

On the lips:

  • Pretty Amazing Charisma
  • Buxom Rosie

On the face:

  • Prime Time Brightening
  • Benefit Erase Paste to conceal
  • Original foundation in Fairly Medium
  • Love Radiance on cheeks
  • A Little Sun to contour under cheekbones, under jaw, and on temples
  • Tinted Mineral veil


About Essy
I'm finally figuring out this makeup thing in my 30's. It's so much fun to collect and play with new colors and styles. I'm not a makeup artist, and far from it. I welcome any comments and tips you have!

5 Responses to The Legit French Navy took Liberty with their Charisma

  1. melody says:

    Love this. Maybe can you post a video of how you apply and with the brushes??? am curious. thx.

    • Essy says:

      I have attempted videos with my webcam but I think what I need is a real camcorder. The quality of my webcam videos is terrible. I’ll keep working on it, I promise!

  2. Amy says:

    Very pretty!

  3. cindy says:

    See, u can TOTALLY pull off the blues! And u don’t look like Mimi in the least!!! I would’ve never thought to use legit w/ those colors, but it totally works!! Keep it up, Sara, ur very inspiring!! As in, I need some $$ so I can go buy some blue e/c!! Lol 😉

    • Essy says:

      Haha, that’s what I’m here for! Love enabling. Let me know if you work up the courage for a blue look. I think you could totally rock it out with your hair and eyes.

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