I’m just a girl in my 30’s who is finally (FINALLY) learning the joys of makeup. I have no training, just a love (ok, we’re bordering on obsession here) of beauty products. I do reviews of Bare Escentuals products, Benefit Cosmetics, Tarte, MAC, Aveda, Urban Decay, and others. Sign up for the Daily Look email, and Beauty Beginner can be delivered right to your inbox!

I have one husband and one overly affectionate cat and five nephews that I absolutely adore. I’m a massage therapist by day and a beauty junkie by night. I love books, chocolate chip cookies, and traveling anywhere and everywhere…. the only problem with traveling is that it’s so hard to pack my makeup bag (you never know, I might just need seventeen lipglosses for a three day trip)!


All products reviewed and shown here were purchased by me for my personal use unless otherwise noted.

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I am always open to reviewing new (or not so new) beauty and skincare products. Please contact the Beauty Beginner at sarawheelerlopez@gmail.com to make your submission. News items, sales and discounts can also be submitted for publishing. Thanks for supporting Beauty Beginner!

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  1. Beth says:

    Hi Beauty Beginner,

    I am also in my 30s and just now discovering makeup. Totally hooked. I miss my skin from my 20s, but I’m having so much fun with Bare Minerals! Just wanted to thank you for this blog, your photos are awesome and it’s very helpful when I’m deciding on colors to try! Please keep going-I have you bookmarked 😉


  2. Gosia Borchardt says:

    Hi chicka!

    First of all, I wanted to thank you for sharing such an awesome blog with us!! I have most of your looks in my book and use them quite often!!!
    I have a question: I’ve been debating whether to buy Ulta Extreme Wear gels.. what do you think of them as far as length of stay, smudginess and easiness of application? Just for my reference.. what do you think of B&B liners? (they run on me after 2 hrs, so I wouldn’t want the same to happen with the Ulta gels).
    Thanks so much!!!

    • Essy says:

      Hey back!
      Glad you like the blog as much as I like doing it every day. The whole reason I started the blog in the first place was for comments like yours about using the looks I do!!

      I was pleasantly surprised with the Ulta gel liners. I really like the Buxom lashliner, but those cost something like $16 each, and for a mere $4, The Ulta liners give you 50% more product for 25% of the cost! The quality is less than the Buxom gel liners, but I still think they go on very smoothly (especially with the full-edged liner brush), and the stay all day. I notice a bit of smudging after a few hours, especially in the outer corners, but that’s pretty much to be expected of most liners. If I didn’t wash my face at night and didn’t have a high-allergy type of day, I can expect to see the liner on my eye the next morning.

      Now for the B&Bs, they definitely melt off in a few hours. Some of the colors (especially Ultramarine) seem to disappear or fade drastically within an hour. Others seem to last a bit longer but I would never expect to see them 24 hours later like a gel liner. The B&Bs and the Buxom lashliners do not irritate my eyes. The Ulta gel liner doesn’t irritate my eyes – much (they do if it’s an allergy type or day or if I really pack the liner on). The Ulta self-sharpening liners definitely irritate my eyes (and I don’t think I have sensitive eyes), so I most definitely do not recommend those.

      Great question, I enjoyed answering it!….. spoken like a true makeup nerd. 🙂


      • Gosia Borchardt says:

        I just ordered all five colors of Ulta liner.. always on the hunt for good liners!! Thanks so much again, can’t wait to see more of your wonderful ‘looks’!!!


  3. What happened to all of your pics? I ordered the I Wish collection & remember you did a series of different looks with that one kit and was hoping to refer back to them? BTW I’m hooked on your blog lol! I look forward to it every day. It really has helped me be more adventurous with all my shadow combinations. I was so proud of a look I did yesterday that I thought I should take a pic & send it to you.


    • Essy says:

      As far as I can tell, they’re all still there! I can only list so many on the first page. If you’re looking for a specific color or collection, you can type it into the search bar on the top right side of the page. If that doesn’t work for you, let me know. I would LOVE to see a pic of what you did yesterday! I’m SO happy to hear that this blog is inspiring you to be more adventurous – that is the exact reason I started this blog!! 🙂 You can email me at sarawheelerlopez@gmail.com or even post it to the Beauty Beginner wall on Facebook.

  4. melody says:

    Dear SistahFriend!!!
    Thank you for meeting with me in D.C.!!!! You are a true BEauty, and hubby says you are The Beauty Savant! I’m glad to finally have met you in person! In the future…there will be cupcakes and Beauty products at our gatherings!!! xoxoxo ~melody~

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