Sleek MakeUp: Me, Myself & Eye

Sleek MakeUp has hit another home run with their new Me Myself & Eye i-Divine palette. It’s full of fun color names inspired by music, such as Barry White and Lilac Allen. Once again, the color payoff is magnificent, as least with the colors that I’ve tested so far. I just love Sleek’s makeup, and for the price (around $10-$11 per palette of 12 shadows), you can’t beat the quality. If you’re interested in purchasing from Sleek, which is only available online for those of us in the states, I suggest you subscribe to their emails or like them on Facebook and just wait for one of their free shipping codes. I’ve ordered from Sleek twice now with free shipping codes, and both times I split the order with a friend. However, if they announced that they would never, ever have another free shipping event, I would still order from them and pay the international shipping charge. This is coming from someone who absolutely can’t stand paying for shipping!

I paid for these items myself and receive absolutely no compensation for my honest reviews of their products.

In today’s look, I layered the pretty red over the pretty pink. The red color looks like it will be super bright in the pot, but it’s actually just a nice flushy pinky red. When compared to the super bright red in their Curacao palette, which is a true, very pigmented red, this Simply Red shade is much more wearable, especially layered over softer colors. I bet it could even be worn as a blush. If I could turn this color into a lipstick, I would dance a jig.  That being said, you know I’ll be doing one of my not-so-wearable looks one of these days using this beautiful shade in all its glory!

On the eyes:

  • Cameo Pink primer shadow
  • Sleek MakeUp Pink Beret all over lid
  • Sleek MakeUp Simply Red on center of lid
  • Sleek MakeUp Chris De Burgundy in outer corner and crease
  • Sleek MakeUp Barry White under brow
  • Sleek MakeUp Black Box on upper and lower waterlines
  • tarte Lights Camera Lashes mascara


On the lips:

  • tarte lipsurgence in Joy

On the face:

  • Boscia bb cream
  • Laura Geller Balance n Brighten in Fair
  • MAC mineralize blush in Dainty
  • Sleek MakeUp Face Contour kit


Urban Decay Junkshow, Flow & M.I.A.

This was definitely not a favorite look of mine. The colors were washed out and not blending as well as I’d like. I used colors from the Urban Decay 15th Anniversary palette, which I normally LOVE, and I just wasn’t getting the punch of color that I usually get from this palette. I figured out that it was the brush that I used – I never get good color payoff when I use a certain Laura Geller eye brush. Now that this has happened a few times with that particular brush, it won’t be used anymore. I’d love to try this look again with a different brush, because I think it had the potential to be pretty! Instead, I just looked washed out and tired. 😦

On the eyes:

  • UD Flow all over
  • UD Junkshow in the center of the lid
  • UD M.I.A. in the outer V
  • tarte emphasEYES brown gel liner
  • tarte Lights Camera Lashes mascara


On the lips:

  • Pretty Amazing Confidence
  • Buxom Michelle

On the face:

  • Mally cancelation concealer system
  • Missha Cho Bo Yang bb cream
  • Laura Geller Balance N Brighten in Fair
  • Laura Geller Baked Cheek Dreams in Vanilla Peach Cobbler

Bare Escentuals Bare Luxuries Golden Iris

The new Bare Escentuals holiday kit, Bare Luxuries, is a sight to behold. It comes with the following:

  • READY Eyeshadow Duo with 0 .05 oz. each of Golden Iris (amber) and Azure Iris (lavender)
  • (2) 0.044 oz. Round the Clock Waterproof Eyeliners, 1 in 10PM (mocha) and 1 in Noon (navy)
  • (2) 0.15 fl. oz. Marvelous Moxie Lipglosses, 1 in Wild One (peach sheen) and 1 in Daredevil (berry sorbet)
  • (1) 0.03 oz. RoseGold Radiance All-Over Face Color (lustrous rose)
  • (1) shadow brush; (1) Flawless Face Brush; and bag.

This is my first time using the new solid READY shadows from Bare Escentuals, and my first impression is that they are velvety smooth and have a good amount of pigment for the amount of product used (very little is needed). The kit is not meant to wear all at once, like many kits are, but it gives the option to wear a cool-toned look (purple shadow/navy liner/berry lip) or a warm-toned look (amber shadow/mocha liner/peach lip), so I like that there are options to mix and match. I was nervous about this amber colored shadow, which is why I decided to try it first. It’s very yellow and I think it would look AMAZING on dark skin tones. I added in a brown contour color to add a little depth, but I think another accent color that could work well would be plum. I’m not completely sold on the Golden Iris color just yet, but I will enjoy working with it until I find the perfect accent color.

The eyeliners apply REALLY smoothly and last really well on my lashlines. I found that they last longer than the Bare Escentuals Big & Bright liners, and definitely last longer on the waterline (although it doesn’t hold up all day on the waterline). The lipglosses are really something, and I am very impressed. I’ve never been a big fan of the Bare Escentuals 100% Natural lipglosses because I found them to be slippery and very short-wearing. This new Marvelous Moxie formulation lasts longer and gives the great plumping tingle that I love from the Buxom line, but they’re all natural. The colors are sheer but pretty, and will quickly become “purse lippies” which in my purse, is a place of great honor. 🙂

A really interesting fact that Bare Escentuals provides in the product insert is that the eyeshadow duo is formulated to be iris-enhancing. Copied directly from the insert:

Experience a total transformation with bareMinerals Ready Eyeshadow.  This iris-enhancing palette is designed to intensify the color of your iris. Enriched with multidimensional pearl pigments, these universally flattering shades create a distinctive optical effect that amplifies every eyecolor. The difference is dramatic; the effect is mesmerizing. With the silky texture and incredible anti-aging benefits of this eyeshadow, you’re ready to reveal a whole new hue.

Golden Iris:

  • BLUE EYES look more intensely blue
  • GREEN EYES look lighter green
  • HAZEL EYES can look more illuminatedd, more intensely green or more dramatically brown
  • BROWN EYES appear highlighted with golden amber flecks of color to look brighter green or more dramatically brown

Asure Iris:

  • BLUE EYES look illuminated and icy-cool
  • GREEN EYES look more intensely green
  • HAZEL EYES appear highlighted with amber flecks of color to look more intensely amber or more dramatically brown
  • BROWN EYES appear enhanced with deep navy tones to look more intensely amber or navy blue


Other products making an appearance today: Mally cancellation concealer, Missha Cho Bo Yang bb cream, Laura Geller Balance N Brighten in Fair, Bare Escentuals Rose Radiance, tarte Lights Camera Lashes mascara, Bare Escentuals cherry coco truffle

I paid for this product myself and receive absolutely no compensation for this honest review.

Bare Escentuals Panache, Smoulder, Flirt

I decided to wear the Sephora exclusive Cheek Tint kit again today with an added pop of Ultramarine eyeliner on the waterline. I expected the eyeliner to wear off fairly quickly, as it usually does, but I was not expecting the eyeshadows to fade and crease as much as they did. I very rarely have a problem with creasing or fading when using Bare Escentuals. I’m not sure if it was my application, not enough primer, or these particular shadows.

Buxom Holly, Smoulder, Panache, Cheek Tint Flirt, Buxom April

On the eyes:

  • BE Prime Time Brightening Opal
  • Panache all over lid
  • Smoulder in outer V, along crease, and under lower lashes
  • Dryline with Smoulder along upper lashes
  • Make Up For Ever smokey lash mascara


On the lips:

  • Buxom Holly
  • Buxom April

On the face:

  • BE Prime Time
  • BE Original foundation in Fairly Medium
  • Cheek Tint Flirt
  • Original mineral veil

Urban Decay: Omen, Evidence, Tainted

I knew I’d be going out to dinner to celebrate my sweet husband’s birthday later, so I wanted to create an eye look that really popped. And boy, were my eyes poppin’!  This was one of those looks that made me keep going back to the mirror to admire because it was so pretty. I used the Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Palette, and I can’t recommend this palette enough if you like vibrant, shimmery (but not with big hunks o’ glitter) colors in a beautiful package. The color Omen is an incredibly striking iridescent purple, and is definitely the star of the show today.

Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Palette

On the eyes:

  • BE Prime Time Brightening Opal primer
  • UD Omen all over lid from lashes to crease
  • UD Tainted blended along entire crease and inner eye
  • UD Midnight 15 blended under brow
  • UD Evidence drylined along upper lashes and smudged under lower lashes
  • Ardell lashes
  • Lorac multiplex mascara


On the lips:

  • Laura Geller Berry Vanilla lipstick
  • BE 100% Natural lipgloss in Plumtini

On the face:

  • Laura Geller Tinted Ethereal spackle primer
  • Laura Geller Balance N Brighten in Regular
  • Smashbox Blush Rush in Surge
  • BE Auburn brow powder
  • Original mineral veil


Bare Escentuals And Away We Glow holiday collection

One of the new holiday 2011 kits from Bare Escentuals was available online for sale, for one day only, and I snatched it up for a few reasons. It comes with a new Pretty Amazing shade in a brand new formula, a blush-sized container of Turn On, my favorite highlighter, new blush and eyeshadow shades, another brand new product – waterproof eyeliner, and a dove grey primer shadow. I believe it will be available again in November.

My thoughts:

  • I love the large size of Turn On. I use my current container sparingly for fear that I’ll run out someday. Now I feel like I can wear it every day!
  • Luxury blush is an awesome corally color. It’s a new color, and fits perfectly in my collection between my beloved Vintage Peach and Cheerful.
  • Pretty Amazing Flair is a nice peachy color, in their new gloss formula. For those that don’t particularly like the Pretty Amazing line because you find them too thick or too pigmented, this line may be for you. I think the color is fairly similar to Pretty Amazing Allure, but it’s half as thick and very glossy. Two thumbs up from me!
  • The waterproof liner in Midnight applied smoothly and seems to be staying in place. I have trouble with the Big & Bright eyeliners – they fade quickly and tend to smudge. It’s in a pencil form instead of a twist-up, but that’s cool with me.
  • Dove Gray primer shadow is both beautiful and a little bit of a disappointment at once. You can see in the pictures that the color on my lid is not terribly pigmented – and that’s with two coats of the primer shadow. I feel like if I were to layer it over and over in order to get the same color as in the swatch, it’s wasting product. I think if these primer shadows are going to be as expensive as they are ($18 open stock), they should have better pigentation.
  • Swanky eyecolor is a really pretty creamy white. I will definitely use it. However, I think BE missed the mark as far as including this color in with this kit. I think since the dove gray primer shadow is so light, a darker gray contour color would have been a better match. The instructions that came along with the kit instructed us to use Swanky on the inner eye, but I think the same effect can be accomplished by using Turn On there instead.

All in all, this is a very good kit. Lots of new colors, and two brand new formulas (waterproof liner and pretty amazing gloss). Worn alone, it’s a beautiful glowy kit. Add in some darker grey contour color and a lipliner, and it’s a great kit for evening!

On the eyes:

  • Dove Gray Primer Shadow (2 coats, applied with clean fingertip)
  • Swanky applied to inner corner of lid and under brow
  • Midnight waterproof eyeliner applied to both waterlines, and along upper lashline. Smudged with a pencil brush and then smudged up into the crease to add a little definition.
  • Flawless Definition mascara in blue black (not included in kit – the kit comes with black)


On the lips:

  • Pretty Amazing Flair

On the face:

  • BE Prime Time
  • Original foundation in Fairly Medium, mixed with Advanced Clear Radiance
  • Luxury blush
  • Benefit Dallas to contour
  • Turn On to highlight
  • Anastasia brow pen to fill in brows

Laura Geller Bake Sale collection

Before I ordered this Laura Geller Bake Sale collection from QVC, the only LG product I had used was a Balance N Brighten foundation in the shade Regular. I absolutely love the effect of… well… balancing and brightening that the product has on my skin. However, the shade I had was just a touch too dark for me and I had to use it sparingly. I liked it best over Missha  bb creams. When I used it alone, the more I layered it for better coverage, the more apparent it was that I had the wrong color. In the height of summer, Regular can work for me, but as we all know… summer is nearly over!

I couldn’t wait to try this product in Fair, and I was also really excited to try LG’s other products. The fair Balance N Brighten foundation is a fantastic match for my skin, and I feel like I got some great coverage today over the Spackle Ethereal tinted primer.  Since I’m writing this only an hour after applying the collection, I can’t speak yet on the staying power of the primer, but although it says it’s tinted, it gives more of a dewy glow than any coverage. The blush is extremely pigmented, and this one pot of blush will last me for years. It blended fairly easily and is a pretty, cheery pink. The eyecolors are really beautiful colors. Unfortunately, they’re not terribly pigmented, and I felt like I had to pack on a lot of product to get the same color in the pot. I tried to use the darker chocolate color as a liner (wet), but it just didn’t pack on enough color to be effective. They’re very smooth and blendable, though, and if you like nice soft colors on your eyes, these will be great for you. The lipstick smells delicious and gives a good medium coverage. I love the color of the lipstick – it’s a brownish pink, and perfect for fall.

On the eyes:

  • BE Prime Time Brightening Opal
  • LG Birthday Cake eyecolor trio – light pink from lashes to brow, plum-brown all over lid, and chocolate brown in outer corner and blended into crease
  • BE Big & Bright eyeliner in Bronze along upper and lower lashlines
  • Buxom mascara


On the lips:

  • LG Strawberry Truffle lipstick

On the face:

  • LG Spackle Tinted Primer in Ethereal
  • tarte Maracuja Creaseless Concealer under eyes and around nose
  • LG Balance N Brighten in Fair
  • LG Blush N Brighten in Pink Buttercream
  • Benefit Dallas to contour
  • MUFE HD finishing powder