Wonderstruck by the Glitzy Luster

The first time I wore Bare Escentuals High Shine Luster, I fell in love with its luscious, buttery metallic color. I loved it again today, but more of its green undertones were apparent. I thought pairing it with  a grey color would work, so since I’m traveling and could only bring so much makeup, I popped open my Sleek MakeUp Oh So Special i-Divine palette and used the shimmery grey color and the matte black as a liner.

If you’re looking to duplicate this look (yay!!), it looks like there are a lot of steps for the eyes, but I actually did this look while holding my 2-week old baby nephew in one arm the whole time. Now picture me blowing on my fingernails and polishing them on my shirt. Yeah, I just bragged a little. 🙂 Yay for babies!

On the eyes:

  • Urban Decay Primer Potion in Sin
  • BE High Shine Luster from lashes into crease using the sponge applicator
  • Sleek MakeUp Oh So Special palette Glitz in outer 1/3 and blended into crease
  • Benefit High Brow to highlight in arch of brow
  • Sleek MakeUp Oh So Special palette Bow on inner corner and to blend out any harsh lines above crease
  • Sleek MakeUp Oh So Special palette Noir drylined along upper lashes and smudged under lower lashes
  • 2 coats Make Up For Ever smoky lash mascara


On the lips:

  • MAC Lustreglass lipgloss ini Wonderstruck

On the face:

  • Missha Cho Bo Yang bb cream in Light Beige
  • Laura Geller Balance N Brighten in Regular
  • Anastasia Highlighting Brow kit to fill in brows
  • Benefit Dallas to contour
  • MAC Mineralize blush in Dainty
  • Make Up For Ever HD finishing powder
  • MAC illuminizer in Light Flush along cheekbones to highlight


Bare Escentuals Pure Radiance, Rose Gold, & Here Kitty

I was fortunate enough to get a sample of Here Kitty, and this is the first time I’ve used it. It’s such a pretty deep burgundy glimmer! I paired it with Pure Radiance, which is a color I keep trying to make work as an eyecolor, but for me, I think it works better as a highlight. I threw in a little High Shine Rose Gold at the last minute to bring in a touch more color.

I haven’t liked Pretty Amazing lipcolor in Savvy very much before today. It tends to be really brown on me, but paired with a rosy gloss, I like it a lot now.

tarte eyeliner, Soft Sweep eye brush, Crease Defining, Rose Gold, Pure Radiance, tarte gel liner, Here Kitty

Pretty Amazing Savvy, Aveda lipglaze in Morning Rose

On the eyes:

  • Urban Decay Sin Primer Potion
  • Pure Radiance swept all over lid from lashes to crease using Soft Sweep eye brush
  • Here Kitty buffed and blended into and above crease using Crease Defining brush
  • Here Kitty layered just into crease for more definition
  • Rose Gold High Shine patted onto center of lid
  • Estee Lauder Ideal Light Illuminator under brows
  • tarte gel liner in brown along upper lashline and smudged under lower
  • FDVM


On the lips:

  • Pretty Amazing Savvy
  • Aveda lipglaze in Morning Rose

On the face:

  • Stila tinted moisturizer
  • Healthy Radiance buffed all over
  • Pearl Blossom blush
  • Original mineral veil

Spotlight On: High Shine Luster

The new Spotlight On: High Shine Eyecolor kit from Bare Escentuals didn’t interest me until I got to swatch the colors in person. I’m a big fan of the high shine colors that Bare Escentuals makes, but I thought this was just another silver color. Breaking news: it’s not. When I swatched it in person, my first thought was that it was really similar to High Shine Glisten. It’s not. Then I thought it might be closer to High Shine Frost. Nope! It’s in a league all its own, and it’s beautiful! It’s described as “gilded chrome,” and by looking at it, I think it has a lot of yellow gold in it, some chrome, and even some hints of green in the right light. This was a weird thought I had when I applied it this morning, but I thought it looked like metallic butter. So, there’s that visual for you!!

Another note on the eyecolors today – when I swatched Rock Star in the store, I was blown away by all the sparkles. I don’t use black eyeshadows very often, but this was looked unbelievably glimmery and pretty on my hand. I was disappointed once I applied it to my crease. I think if I foiled this color, the true nature would come out better.

High Shine Luster, Rock Star, Emphasize It

Crease Defining, Flat Edged Shadow, Crease blending, B&B liner in Black Diamond

One more note on today’s look – I tried something new today with the lipcolor. The Pretty Amazing lipcolor in Allure is a beautiful peach color, but slightly too orange on my skin tone to wear alone. I lined my lips with a plum/berry colored liner, and filled in the lines on the sides of the lips, leaving the middle to fill in with Allure. Then I blended by rubbing my lips together, and voila! I love the result.

Pretty Amazing lipcolor in Allure, Jordana lipliner in Plush Plum

On the eyes:

  • Brightening PTEP
  • High Shine Luster applied all over lid up to crease, and under outer lower lashes, using sponge applicator
  • Rock Star gently buffed into crease and outer V
  • Emphasize it swept under brow and down to blend out harsh edges of Rock Star
  • Black Diamond Big & Bright liner along both waterlines and along upper lashline
  • Buxom mascara


On the lips:

  • Jordana lipliner in Plush Plum lining the lips, and filled in on the outer 1/3 of both upper and lower lips
  • Pretty Amazing lipcolor in Allure filling in the center, and then blended by pressing lips together

On the face:

  • Thin layer of Pure Transformation Night Treatment
  • Original foundation in Fairly Medium mixed with a bit of Healthy Radiance
  • Laura Mercier Secret Concealer #2 under eyes and around nose folds
  • Vintage Peach blush on apples
  • Original mineral veil

High Shine series: Flash

High Shine Flash is a very light lilac color.  Alone on my eyes, it’s hard to see the purple tones in it, so I paired it with Buxom Stay-There eyecolor in Beagle, which is a great pinky-lilac color, and Buxom Stay-There Pug, which looks grey in the pot when applied on my skin, it shows all kinds of purple and blue sparkles. It’s a beautiful medium grey.

Buxom Beagle, Buxom Pug, High Shine Flash, B&B Stone eyeliner

Crease Defining, Pencil brush, Quickie Shadow Brush

Buxom April

On the eyes:

  • PTEP Brightening Opal
  • Buxom Beagle patted on inner 1/3 of lid from lashes to crease with Quickie Shadow brush
  • Buxom Pug patted on outer 1/3 of lid from lashes and along crease and outer V with Quickie Shadow brush
  • High Shine Flash patted onto center of lid from lashes to crease with sponge applicator
  • Big & Bright eyeliner in Stone
  • FDVM

On the lips:

  • Buxom April

On the face:

  • PT Brightening Primer
  • Original foundation in Fairly Medium
  • Miracle blush
  • Bare Radiance to contour
  • Original Mineral Veil

High Shine series: Patina

I am really loving this look. Who knew that Patina and Moonshine would go so well together? I added a little Soul Sister to the crease for depth, and Limelight to the inner corner to highlight. This is definitely a look I’ll wear again, but I think I would add Big & Bright eyeliner in Stone instead of the MAC liquid liner.

High Shine Moonshine, High Shine Patina, Mac liquid liner in Smoky Heir

Soul Sister, Cultured Pearl, Limelight

off-brand precision brush, Crease Defining brush

Buxom Heather, 100% Natural lipgloss in Fruit Smoothie

On the eyes:

  • Kat VonD eye primer in Smoke
  • Patina patted from lashes to crease on inner 2/3 of lid, using sponge applicator
  • Moonshine patted onto outer 1/3 of lid and inner 1/3 under lashes, using sponge applicator
  • Soul Sister buffed into crease using Crease Defining brush
  • Limelight on inner V using precision brush
  • Cultured Pearl along browbone to highlight
  • MAC Smoky Heir liquid liner along upper lashes
  • FDVM

On the lips:

  • Buxom Heather
  • 100% Natural lipgloss in Fruit Smoothie

On the face:

  • PTFP Brightening
  • Original foundation in Fairly Medium
  • Pink Petal blush
  • Bare Radiance to contour
  • Original mineral veil

High Shine series: Moonshine

High Shine Moonshine is an interesting color. In the packaging, it looks like it will be a soft purple.  When applied, it actually has a lot of brown undertones in it. I tried to bring out more of the purple tones today by adding Cha Cha (a lovely bright pink) and Phoebe (a shockingly bright purple) to the mix.

Clockwise, from left: Saturday, Cha Cha, Phoebe, Moonshine

Crease defining, Precision Eye, Seamless blending

Pretty Amazing Ambition, Buxom Poppy

On the eyes:

  • PTEP Brightening Opal
  • Cha Cha patted onto lid, concentrating on inner lid, with full tapered brush
  • Moonshine patted onto outer 2/3 of lid and under lower lashes  with sponge applicator
  • Phoebe on outer V, using Precision Eye brush
  • Saturday highlighting brow and inner eye
  • Cha Cha highlighting above upper line of Phoebe, then everything blended together
  • Buxom black jasper liner
  • Buxom mascara

On the lips:

  • Pretty Amazing Ambition
  • Buxom Poppy

On the face:

  • Prime Time Brightening
  • Original foundation in Fairly Medium
  • Pink Petal blush
  • Healthy Radiance under cheekbones to contour
  • Original mineral veil

High Shine series: Vapor

Continuing on with the High Shine series, today’s feature is Vapor. Vapor looks innocent and pretty in its packaging, but is VERY pigmented. This is one of the few colors that I keep trying to wear – I’ll put it on, then take it off and start over with a different color. I have a tough time with this color, for some reason, and Vapor is half the reason I’m doing this High Shine series – I wanted the challenge.

This look is actually much prettier in person than it translates in pictures. The Joeli (lavender)  tones down the brightness of the Vapor, and Blue Moon adds a little glimmer and lightness.

I am also using a Buxom gloss that doesn’t get enough credit. Buxom Iris looks lavender in its tube, but when applied in a sheer layer over another lipcolor, it gives lips a pearly, iridescent shine.

Blue Moon, Joeli, High Shine Vapor, Indigo B&B liner

Full Tapered Shadow, Crease Defining

Pretty Amazing Moxie, Buxom Iris

On the eyes:

  • PTEP Brightening Opal
  • Joeli buffed from lashes to brow, heavier concentration on inner lid
  • High Shine Vapor patted onto outer 1/2 of lid and crease with sponge applicator, then blended with crease defining brush
  • Blue Moon swept onto lid from lashes to crease, concentrating on center of lid
  • Big & Bright eyeliner in Indigo along upper and lower lashes
  • FDVM

On the lips:

  • Pretty Amazing lipcolor in Moxie, blotted
  • Buxom lipgloss in Iris

On the face:

  • Original Prime Time
  • Original foundation in Fairly Medium
  • Pink Petal blush
  • Original Mineral Veil