Smoky Eye Series: Black & Grey

My understanding of the “smoky eye” look is that it looks easy on paper, but can be a little tricky to pull off.  The standard smoky eye look is created using black or dark charcoal colors, but you can also use deeper hues of blues, greens, and purples to play up your eye color.  Here’s how to get the look.

  1. Pick three colors in the same color family. Apply the lightest shade all over, concentrating on above the crease.
  2. Next, apply the medium eyeshadow shade from your lash line to the crease of your eye and blend well
  3. Then apply the darkest shade to just above your lash line.. Again, blend well.
  4. Apply eyeliner close to your lashes and then smudge the line.
  5. For a finishing touch, line the inner rims of you lower eyelid.
  6. And of course, add two coats of your favorite dramatic mascara.

When you wear a heavy eye, you should go with a pale blush and nude lips.

Clockwise from top: Poise, Surreal, Onyx

Buxom Smoky Eye Stick, Precision Eye, Full Edged Liner, Seamless Blending

100% Natural lipgloss in Pink Prosecco, Pretty Amazing lipcolor in Free Will

On the eyes:

  • Prime Time Original eye primer
  • Thick line of Buxom Smoky Eye Stick in Smokin’ Pistol, then smudged with pinky finger
  • Onyx smudged over Smokin’ Pistol, along both lashlines, and in waterlines, using Full Edged Liner brush
  • Surreal blended on lid from lashes to crease using Precision Eye brush
  • Poise blended well from crease to brow using Precision Eye brush
  • Everything blended well with Seamless Blending brush
  • 2 coats of FDVM in Blue-Black

On the lips:

  • Thin layer of Pretty Amazing lipcolor in Free Will
  • 100% Natural lipgloss in Pink Prosecco

On the face:

  • Prime Time Brightening
  • Benefit Erase Paste to conceal
  • Original foundation in Fairly Medium
  • Pink Petal blush on outer cheeks
  • Original mineral veil

Stay tuned for more smoky eye looks, using blues, greens, and purples!

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Girlfriends Tina and Margo love Soul food

This look is really soft and pretty, and perfect for an afternoon out with my sister-in-law! We went out for a nice lunch and then spent a couple of hours taking our sweet time at Sephora. I love spending as much time as I want to at that store, browsing and sampling and oohing and ahhing!

Today I used Girlfriend Margo and Girlfriend Tina, which complement each other nicely. I also used my new trick with Wearable Brown Medium eyeshadow to contour the eye under the browbone before adding color. I really like this technique for adding a little more dimension to the eye.

Clockwise from top: Girlfriend Margo, Girlfriend Tina, Wearable Brown Medium, Soul

Precision Eye, Quick Shadow & Crease

Pretty Amazing Fearless, Buxom Tonya

On the eyes:

  • Original Prime Time eye primer
  • Soul patted all over lid from lashes to brow, using Quick Shadow & Crease brush
  • Wearable Brown Medium buffed lightly under browbone using Crease Defining Brush
  • Girlfriend Margo patted onto lid, from lashes to crease using Quick Shadow & Crease brush
  • Girlfriend Tina buffed into outer crease and under lower lashes using Quick Shadow & Crease brush
  • Big & Bright eyeliner in Stone along upper lashes and smudged under outer 1/2 of lower lashes
  • Buxom mascara


On the lips:

  • Pretty Amazing Fearless
  • Buxom Tonya

On the face:

  • Original Prime Time
  • Erase Paste to conceal
  • Original foundation in Fairly Medium
  • Floret blush
  • Original mineral veil

Treasured Terri gave her BFF Gigi a Lollipop

This was a look that was so pretty in person, it almost hurt to wash it off. I’m still exploring the Women of BE collection, and today I focused on Gigi (bluish purple) and Treasured Terri (light forest green). Treasured Terri really doesn’t show up in the pictures, but I lightly patted her onto the outer 1/2 of the lid and it added just the right amount of a contrast color to really bring the whole eye together.

I also tried a slightly different way of contouring my crease today. I buffed Wearable Brown Medium into the whole crease – not for the color, but to add dimension – and then added the crease color over it. I think it made a difference and gave my eye more definition.

This is absolutely a look I’ll be wearing again!

Clockwise from top: Wearable Brown Medium, Gigi, BFF, Treasured Terri

Crease Defining, Quick Shadow, Full Edged Liner, Eye Defining brushes

Best Friend lip balm, Lollipop 100% Natural lipgloss

On the eye:

  • Prime Time Eye Primer in Brightening Opal
  • BFF patted all over lid with Quick Shadow brush, from lashes to crease
  • Wearable Brown Medium buffed into crease using Crease Defining brush
  • Gigi swept into crease and outer corner using Precision Eye Defining brush
  • Treasured Terri patted lightly onto outer 1/2 of lid using Quick Shadow brush (I wish it showed up in the picture!!)
  • Ulta Extreme Wear gel liner in Dublin applied along upper lashes and tightlined, then smudged under lower lashes
  • Buxom mascara (2 coats)

On the lips:

  • Best Friend lip balm
  • 100% Natural lipgloss in Lollipop

On the face:

  • Prime Time Brightening Primer
  • Benefit Erase Paste to conceal
  • Original foundation in Fairly Medium
  • First Class blush
  • Original mineral veil